The View in Aspen

Nestled in Aspen is a unique and quite spectacular venue named Little Nell. Our nature loving grooms, Wade and Jeff, chose this particular venue, as it best showcased the beauty of Colorado. A favorite destination of the couple made even more special because it is where the two became engaged.

To ensure that the wedding design seamlessly integrated with the surrounding environment, the couple chose Michelle Rago, a prominent destination wedding planner who had a vision for a wonderfully timeless and magnificent ceremony. 

Birch Gates were custom built to frame the aisle and create a storybook setting. The couple, having decided to not see each other until the ceremony, were brought down to the gates facing opposite directions. When the time came, Wade and Jeff turned around, seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day just before walking the few remaining steps to the altar, hand in hand.

Roey Yohai, one of our favorite wedding photographers, captured every moment of this amazing day with breathtakingly vibrant imagery that exposed both raw emotions and spectacular vistas.

A color palette of blues and whites and greens complimented the surrounding beauty of the Colorado mountain range. It was important to Wade and Jeff not to compete with the sense of place.

Michelle Rago had the couple write personal notes to each of their guests. The notes were secretly placed underneath those guest’s plates before the beginning of the reception. As Wade and Jeff were giving their toast, they asked that everyone please lift their chargers. “It was the perfect moment for them to express their love and appreciation to all who had made the journey with them. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.” _Rago

Photography | Roey Yohai

Wedding Planner | Michelle Rago Destinations

Venue | Little Nell, Aspen

Florals | Aspen Branch

Invitations | Two Paper Dolls


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