Love, Uncomplicated

Kirk and Peter were married at oceans edge, choosing to celebrate their love for each other without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

Peter and Kirk met in San Diego almost 17 years ago. The night the two met, the connection was unmistakable. Peter’s friends gave Kirk the third degree, especially when they realized the age difference of about 22 years. However very soon, everyone was in agreement, clearly their bond was very special and real. Kirk loves to remind Peter about who pursued who at the beginning, but we’re told by the couple that’s a story best told over drinks.

Knowing that they wanted to have a small wedding, Kirk and Peter decided to have it in St John after Peter found out that they had a reciprocal marriage agreement with the state of Texas. With their best friends Mike and Andrea alongside, the two headed to the island for an intimate ceremony at ocean’s edge.

Peter found Anne Marie Porter ( who coordinated everything for the couple’s special ceremony.

“We found Lindsay Vann through one of Peters’ coworkers who had lived in St John and knew her personally.  Peter went to her Instagram account and she just happened to be in St John and was available.  Peter is an artist and fell in love with her work, so there was this instant connection between them.

Lindsay was the best to work with, we can honestly say she was instant family, she made us feel so comfortable.  We really wanted our photos to be candid and she just let us express the love we have for each other. She picked all the spots and got both candid/relaxed photos as well as few more formal shots. She was never right on top of us which made us feel like we were the only ones there and which created those intimate shots. (We really couldn’t feel more blessed that she was apart of our perfect day. We feel even more blessed with the photos. There isn’t one that we don’t love.)” _Kirk and Peter

The decision to have a small and intimate ceremony was the right one for Kirk and Peter. They weren’t concerned about what their guests were doing, what they thought of their special day, or who was left out for one reason or another.  “Anyone from a large family will understand that, we would not change a thing.” _Kirk and Peter

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