Bridelux Wedding Show

His eyes were sparkling, and he had a smile that immediately disarmed me. What else was I going to find out from my first encounter with Matt Porteous? Royal Wedding Photographer, life enthusiast, tall dark and handsome, Bride Lux keynote speaker.

As I pulled up to the Intercontinental Hotel on East 48th st, I was literally brimming with excitement about all of the fabulous New York wedding vendors that I was going to be able to meet that day. Bridelux is known for designing some of the most  luxurious wedding shows that give exclusive access to the world’s most elite wedding specialists. And today was my chance to do just that!

The Intercontinental was BEAUTIFULLY decorated with so many enchanting displays. The first to catch my eye was this spectacular arrangement by Mahir Floral Events. (the second to catch my eye was Matt Porteous, but we’ll get there in just a bit).

Each Bridelux vendor had the most dazzling displays of their product/service/creativity/charisma/uniqueness/sass (single clap)
ALL OF IT! Here were some absolute favorites that I know will appeal to anyone ready to throw the most chic, fabulous, unforgettable wedding day experience.
I mean…. Hello. Ceci is a legend, an icon, our KWEEN of stationary and beyond. This creative genius absolutely never disappoints and FUN FACT (she personally designed the Wedding Horse logo, literally, she just sat down and boom drew it…. mhmmm HORSES, stallions honey) YES CECI!!!!!! We love Ceci, We’ll just go ahead and let her display speak for itself.
I mean…. WHO doesn’t need this wall literally for EVERY single day of their life. BUT, if thats not in the budget, it atleast needs to be at your wedding. GORGEOUS honey, absolutely dripping in luxury and timelessness and class and beauty and fabulousness. We are actually dishing out multiple claps for this display because of its sheer perfection and clearly Adam Leffel is here to elevate all of your
wedding day design ideas and concepts.

We’ll get back to Matt Porteous soon (did we mention how absolutely everything he is?)

Taking us to the enchanted tea rooms Miss Thing, of Paris honey. Living our most absolute Oprahs Best Life with these gorgeous creations.
These boys know how to create a SPAAAAAAAAACE, where you and your guests will be LIVIIIIIIIIING and taking numerous PHOTOGRRRAAAAPHS. Photobooths can be boring or they can be FABULOUS, and the fabulous creators behind Pop Shop Photobooth are here to make sure that the experience is unforgettable.
Bottom line is, this man is ART, INSPIRATION, ENERGY, and the SPIRIT that you want to have by your side on your wedding day. Matt draws inspiration from life (and the ocean) He has an effortless ability to get you to relax, to be yourself, and the side effect of all that on you on your wedding day is A MAXIMUM GLOW FACTOR PEOPLE.  He had me glowing after about .05 seconds of him coming over to shake my hand and introduce himself. After hearing him speak, it was obvious. This man genuinely loves what he does and his work absolutely speaks for itself. He books fast people, waste no time (single clap)

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I found chocolate.

THERES LEVELS TO THIS STUFF. Okay. I cannot stress this enough. Sometimes chocolate is just chocolate and thats that. Well, this, was not just chocolate. This was all the things im not supposed to say. It was a creamy explosion of flavors that absolutely melted in my mouth and took me to high heaven honey, YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS. These little delights came in so many different flavors, Effervescent and Smooth Ivory Champagne Ganache (yes Miss Thing) Dark Roasted Caramel Flaked with Maldon Sea Salt, oh Okay!!!! (clap)

As I walked back down the beautiful staircase of the Intercontinental, I was so full of inspiration and excitement about all things wedding. I had met some OUTSTANDING and unique creatives all thanks to Bridelux so make sure you check their website and stay up to date on where their next show will be. Some of you may have just started the action packed amazing fantabulous journey and experience that is Wedding Planning, so dont miss out on your chance to meet some of these amazing vendors in person (also dont miss out on the chocolate!) (or Matt!)

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