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Designer/planner Andrea Freeman of the New York based Andrea Freeman Events shares her wish list and what’s on her radar.

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How does location affect your design approach?
AF:  For a lakeside celebration I’d use more subdued palettes with beautiful deep greens and true reds.  For something in the Caribbean, though, I’d kick up the intensity with vibrant fuchsia and  Yves Klein blues.  And then there are elegant hues I love in any region.  White weddings are classic and timeless regardless of the location.
Advice for newly engaged couples?
AF:  Edit, organize, and curate your inspiration!  The key to great design is ruthless editing so don’t be afraid to take your time and get rid of anything that you don’t want or need so that you can execute the ideas you love with purpose.
On your wish list?
AF:  I’m always up for an adventure because new locations and challenging design requests truly make my heart sing!  I’d love to do a wedding in Madeira – the land of eternal Spring and extraordinary wine.
Ideal wedding invitation? 
AF:  I like stationery to be serene, light, and airy – something that sets the tone in a very subtle way for the experience that lies ahead.  Letter pressed craft paper wrapped in seed paper that the invitee can plant would certainly let the guests of a farm to table wedding know what to expect.  I’m crazy about hand calligraphed envelopes – the beauty and precision of professional calligraphy makes quite a statement!
Tips for planning a quick wedding?
AF:  I think 6 – 9 months is the wedding planning sweet spot.  You’ll have enough time to thoughtfully consider each detail but not enough time to over analyze.  If you want to do it in less time (I planned my own in only 2 months) it’s totally possible and it can be fabulous – you just need to go into the planning phase with a very carefully thought out design.
Fill your welcome bags with…
AF:  Something sweet, something salty, something crunchy, and something fun.  Of course water is a must but don’t forget to include local treats that give your wedding guests a taste of local flavors.
Favorite signature cocktail?
AF: The Paloma – tequila, cointreau, sparkling grapefruit with a squeeze of lime and homemade mint syrup.  It’s a sophisticated margarita!
Any parting tips on how to enjoy the wedding planning process and make the celebration extra special?
AF:  Your engagement isn’t a time to be overly concerned with timelines and checklists – it’s a time to savor with your future partner and enjoy with your family and friends.  So make sure you clear time for being with each other where you don’t talk about your upcoming wedding at all.  As far as the wedding day itself just have a blast and allow yourselves to actually be guests at your wedding.  The only thing that truly matters to every single guest in attendance is the two of you; so if you’re living it up on the dance floor they will too!

Andrea Freeman is the founder and Principal designer for the New York City based event planning and production company – Andrea Freeman Events. For over a decade Andrea Freeman Events has created extraordinary celebrations around the globe for a diverse set of clients that have included private individuals, socialites, and red-carpet celebrities. Highly sought-after and in-demand Andrea is more than just a full-service event planner – she partners with her clients to not only turn their dreams into reality but exceed their expectations. She listens, responds, inspires, and creates events that strike the perfect balance between approachability and luxury. She has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends in food, décor and entertainment, always focusing on the personalized details that make each event a one-of-a-kind experience. Her expertise and creative enthusiasm are why she
enjoys such a loyal following among her clients.

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