Jacquelyn Willard of Lux & Eco
As the Founder of Lux and Eco, Jacquelyn Willard is able to devote her life to what she knows best; Moving our world towards a more conscious state of being while still living life luxuriously. As a guest writer with The Wedding Horse, Jacquelyn is here to tell us about all of the fabulous ways to make your wedding eco friendly and stylish.

When you care the world for someone, what better way to display that love than by also caring for the world? You and your groom can begin your life together by making a statement: that your wedding day is also the start of your lives as ambassadors for the world that brought you together. Your marriage is a conscious decision built on love – so why not spread that love and make it eco-conscious too? These innovative designs will have you two dressed from head to toe in the most high-end apparel for your wedding, all made with sustainable materials. Designers we love, trends we desire, and products we can be proud of  have finally merged for your big day!

Wouldn’t you want to be known as the one who donned the “World’s Most Sustainable Suit”? Marks and Spencer introduce their Plan A line’s suit made entirely of Global Organic Textiles: certified organic wool,  recycled plastic bottles, recycled-polyester, reclaimed buttons and pockets, and a re-purposed waistband.


These American-made blazers, 2-piece suits, sport jackets, and trousers from Steven Alan and Hart Schaffner Marx  eliminate international product dependency and ensure a timeless contemporary look that will keep your style sharp for years.


Ensuring supply and demand remain in sustainable harmony, New York City’s Jacqueline Rousseau hand-made only 40 of these light-weight and intricately patterned neckties. It doesn’t get more exclusive than this! Plus, they’ll keep you cool and stress-free while the big day approaches and the weather heats up.


The charming look of the bow-tie is finally achievable and hands-free! The anxiety of perfecting the twist and tie has been alleviated by Two Guys‘ hand made ties constructed from recycled high-end wood floors and furniture. Keep it classic or make it fun with argyle patterns or stripes.


A Lux & Eco partner, Alyce Santoro’s Sonic Fabric brings the sounds of the streets to your wardrobe. Hand-woven out of recycled cassette tapes, these neck ties literally emit the hums of Manhattan and Brooklyn vibes when running a tape over them! Plus, their sturdy, solid look is versatile and bold.

Sonic Fabric

Authentic Italian craftsmanship is hard to come by, and unfortunately toxic dyes and fibers are not. Put your best foot forward down the aisle wearing this Zanacco dress shoe collection made entirely of vegetable-tanned leather, water-based glues, biodegradable oils, coco-fiber insoles, nickel-free metals, and wooden nails stitched by the originals in Vigevano, Italy.


Your wedding is a reflection of who you are, shouldn’t your attire be as well? Literally design your own shoe through  Cedric Flazinski‘s MyDesigner collection by submitting your aesthetic desires into a questionnaire, creating a personal profile and then resulting shoe mold. The closest you can get to made-to-order design, guaranteed to avoid mass production and its slew of waste.


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